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XR Climate & Ecological Emergency: Solutions

We need to act with urgency  - this site will share best practice to deliver a low carbon future and restore ecological capital

XR Climate & Ecological Emergency (CEE) is an extinction rebellion working group that draws together practical expertise on responding to  the emergency at the local level. It aims to provide accessible resources to rebels pushing for councils and local authorities to follow through on their declarations of emergency. Most have 2030 zero carbon deadlines but lack robust plans or have the capacity or finance in place to realise these rhetorical ambitions.     Our goal is both to facilitate rebels to lever maximum change locally, and just as importantly to galvanise and coordinate efforts to pressure central government into the funding and policy changes required to support local emergency transformation.




Links to the most informative national and international carbon reduction and ecological restoration work

Extinction REbellion photo

Top 3 demands, Top 10 demands

Cloudy Day

Links and library of best practice solutions.

"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does"

William James

XR Climate & Ecological Emergency: Solutions

Get in touch with the XR CEE team:

Henry Muss +44 7834 484025

George Barda +44 7535 184071

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