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Best practice & further links

Here is a collection of documents that demonstrate the best in how local authorities or regions are facing up to the climate emergency challenge.

With local authorities typically only responsible for a small percentage of direct emissions in their borough its really important that strategies work in partnership with public, private and community organisations. The climate & ecological emergency will be as much as cultural challenge as technical. We need to all be on board.

Bristol: One City Climate Strategy

Bristol’s strategy is built on a strong evidence base; setting a clear pathway to carbon neutrality for our direct emissions within Bristol.


Manchester Climate Change Partnership - fantastic cross city strategy

The Manchester Climate Change Partnership and Agency are responsible for overseeing and championing climate change action in the city. The Partnership was established in February 2018 and builds on the work of the MACF Steering Group, which was in place from 2010 - 2017. 


Nottingham has made the commitment to become the first carbon neutral city in the country, reaching this target by 2028. This means cutting carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from direct and indirect sources that arise from the consumption of energy within the city to near zero.


Islington: Divestment commitment, heat networks fantastic reputation

In response to this climate emergency, we as the council are taking the lead but we need you to help us achieve our ambitions together


Further links

A real challenge that local government face is demonstrating the business case for the right type of economic growth. Here we showcase de-growth, circular economy and green growth strategies.

The Amsterdam City Doughnut has been developed in collaboration between Doughnut Economics Action Lab (DEAL), Circle Economy, Biomimicry 3.8 and C40 over the course of one year. It is at the core of the City of Amsterdam’s broader ambitions for becoming a circular city, the Amsterdam Circular Strategy 2020-2025.

The Green New Deal

Indepth analysis by Ewan McGaughey  on poicies for a green new deal

Imagine you wake up in a house where, for a moment, you forget what season it is. Why? The temperature is comfortable, even, neither too warm or too cold, there’s been no nightly battle over the duvet.....

Climate Emergency - go to site for local authorities declarations and case studies

Curated by Deputy Leader of Lancaster Council its also tracks other public sector bodies such as NHS and universities that have declared.

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