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As of February 2020 67% of UK District, County, Unitary & Metropolitan Councils have declared a Climate Emergency and set net zero emissions targets ranging from 2025-2050. The majority (99%) as a direct response to local extinction rebellion campaigning.

Support for authorities that have declared

Local or county level authorities will be at different stages on their journey to decarbonise their emissions. Some may not even have a climate change officer in post while others like Nottingham have built a team of 70+ staff.

Councils have a huge influence on emissions and ecological restoration but typically their own footprint accounts for around 1-5% of the locality.  This section proposes difference actions with respect to low handing fruit opportunities - Three demands, medium term Top Ten and more in depth Actions with Teeth. 

 There is scope for dilemma or rebel actions with all.


Act as if the Truth is Real - Three Demands

Here is the link to the three demands action for your authority that has declared to crack on with. These are "low hanging fruit" or low cost /no cost measures

Top 10 Actions for Councils

These measures are the next stage for progressing climate & ecological emergency plans.

Council CEE Measures - DETAILED

This is a detailed document looking at energy, transport, housing, divestment, ecology & biodiversity, work, waste and food production.

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