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The nature of the threat is clear enough.  The Paris Agreement committed all signatory states to reducing carbon emissions fast enough to limit global overheating to 1.5oC.  That includes countries like China, who must cut their emissions but more slowly than western nations who have been emitting more for longer.  Net zero by 2050 is a global target (which some models suggests may not be fast enough). 
To achieve it, Britain must act faster, so our current legislation is inadequate; rich countries like the UK must achieve zero carbon much more quickly.

Black and White Earth

The World’s Leading Resource for Climate Solutions
Mission is to help the world reach “Drawdown”— the point in the future when levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere stop climbing and start to steadily decline, thereby stopping catastrophic climate change — as quickly, safely, and equitably as possible.


Incorporating work from the last 12 years of Zero Carbon Britain research and the latest scientific and technological developments, the report presents a technically feasible scenario showcasing a future Zero Carbon Britain using only proven technology.


Total Carbon Rationing is a system to bring CO2 emissions down to zero. It’s rationing, with a major enhancement.
It’s rationing across the whole supply chain, from citizen/consumer to oil, gas or coal producer.
It is a tuning mechanism for the economy that lets society balance CO2 emissions reduction against the economic carnage that it could have, that stimulates all the right businesses, and is also fair and equitable.

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